Sheet Metal Processing

Laser Trumpf TC L 3030 (3000W)

  • sheet size max. 3000x1500 mm
  • mild steel up to max. 20mm
  • stainless steel up to max.12 mm
  • aluminium up to max. 8mm


Laser Trumpf TC L 2030 plus (4000W)

  • sheet size max. 3000x1500mm
  • mild steel up to max. 20mm
  • stainless steel up to max. 20mm
  • aluminium up to max. 16mm
  • copper & brass up to max 8mm


CNC bending press TruBend 5130 (X) (B23) (1300kN)

  • bending length 3230mm
  • CNC controlled crown system
  • 6-axis limit stop system


CNC bending press Truma Bend V500 (500kN)

  • bending length 1275mm
  • 5-axis limit stop system


Hydraulic single-column press WMW (250kN)

  • table size 500x500mm


Hydraulic single colum press

  • Zeulenroda Presstechnik GmbH (150kN)
  • Table size 400x400mm


Tube Processing

Laser Trumpf Tubematic (automatic) workpiece magazine

loading and clamping system for round, square and various profiles (2700W)


Tubematic (2700W):

  • 20 to 150mm envelope circle, length 6500mm
  • mild steel up to max. 6mm
  • stainless steel up to max. 6mm
  • aluminium up to max. 4mm
  • brass up to max. 1.5mm

depending on outer diameter

  • max. length 6000mm


Turning Machine


  • CNC controlled main spindle and counter spindle
  • with Y-axis; Z=800mm
  • max. Ø 270mm and max. 289mm length with automatic robot loading
  • max. 10 kg / part
  • bar feeding system 1.20m length with max. Ø 65mm


  • peak length 520mm
  • max. diameter 310mm


Milling Machine

Machining center AXA with NC rotary table

  • tool path X1720Y 500 Z600mm


Machining center FAMUP MMV 160-65 EMCO

  • tool path X1600 Y650 Z600mm


Machining center EMCO MILL E1200

  • tool path X1200 Y550 Z500mm


Machining center MAZAK mit Palettenwechsler

  • tool path X1000 Y500 Z400mm


Machining center Hedelius RS805 K23 Magnum IC 5-axis milling maschine

  • tool path X2300 Y800 Z600mm
  • interfering edge diameter 800mm
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling


Universal milling machine

  • tool path X300 Y170 Z300mm


Machining center with automatic robot-assisted workpiece loading

  • tool path X1060 Y600 Z560 mm
  • mounting table 1200 x 600mm


Welding robot Cloos

  • MAG and MIG power 60% (350A)
  • mounting table / two-stage tool positioning with 3 axis
  • X2000 Y800 Z400mm
  • max. load 10kN / workstation


Welding robot Panasonic with state of the art welding process technology

  • WIG
  • mounting table / two-stage tool positioning
  • X2000 Y800 Z400mm


Spot welding machine Kuka

  • power input 83.5 kVA


Spot welding machine Nimka

  • power input 140 kVA



9 welding workstations

  • for mild steel; aluminium and stainless steel
  • WIG/MIG; MAG and pulse welding


Other Machinery

Rotation brushing machine Timesavers

  • tool path 1350mm with wet extraction
  • parts dim min. 50x50mm


Automatic circular saw Eisele

  • max. round diameter 50mm
  • max. square diameter 80mm


Band saw Deiß + Partner

  • cutting range 320mm round material
  • cutting range 320x320 mm square material
  • mitre cut one-sided up to max. 30°
  • automatic feed


Barrel finishing machine Walther Trowal with dehydration

  • workpieces up to 280mm


CNC threading machining for M2 – M10

  • X1250 Y1250 Z80


Thread-cutting machine

  • 2x
  • M3 to M27


Box column drill Alzmetall

  • 4x


Bench drill Ixion

  • 3x


Hand operated tapping arm

  • M3 to M12


manual glass-bead blasting cabin

  • Cabin Size X1100 Y660 Z816


3D-measuring arm ROMER Infinite 2.0

  • measuring range 2400mm
  • single point repeatability +/- .020mm
  • 3D-longitudinal measurement error +/-0.029mm






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